Working with Food Park Katy has been a phenomenal experience! Food Park Katy takes away the hassle of event coordinators and allows us, as a vendor, to solely focus on our product and customer satisfaction. Signing up for events with Food Park Katy is quick and easy. I could not be happier with the partnership we have with Food Park Katy!

- Coy Collins

CMC Backyard BBQ

It was such a pleasure to work with Jeremy to schedule food trucks for our dance competition at Tompkins High School. It was easy to schedule and Food Park Katy provided a fun, lively atmosphere with a lot of variety in food. We had BBQ, Cajun, Vietnamese, Mexican, South American, Grilled Cheese, Shaved Ice and even Crepes! The spectators at our event really enjoyed all the food. Overall, just a great experience - thank you!

- Karen Toohey

Tompkins Crimson Cavalettes

 Great Harvest Bread has been a part of Food Park Katy events since January and we are satisfied with the potential and results we have experienced in a short time. Our primary event has been at Westheimer Lakes North and each month has seen significant sales growth since opening day, as well as a number of returning, satisfied customers. Jeremy Laudadio is well-organized and is prepared to make each of the events successful and something the community will want to come back to the next month. His fees are reasonable and he is willing to consider input and feedback from both vendors and public alike. We plan to continue attending as many of the events as we are able.

- Dana Roark

Great Harvest Bread Co. - Katy

Thank you for making it easy to bring food trucks to our community event! The trucks you sent to us were all great!

- Rana Elgamiel

Pine Mill Ranch

Food Park Katy was such a blessing to those attending Santa's Wonderland @ The Park!

- Pam Magee

Parkway Fellowship


Food Park Katy is phenomenal! They are literally with you before, during and after an event. Excelling in client satisfaction goes without notice and Jordan Ranch always looks forward to their Bite Nite Fridays.

- Solomon Delaney

Jordan Ranch

The BBQ trailer was great, everyone really enjoyed it! Thank you so much for your help!

- Amy, Lisa & Ruthie

Taylor High School Project Grad